Poplar Bevel Siding

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Poplar bevel siding is our speciality at Reeves & White Inc.   The longviety of poplar bevel siding is between 30-100 years (with proper care). Put it up once and never do it again. Due to its durability, ease of installation, and its relatively low maintenance poplar bevel siding is one of the best options when considering siding. It is an all-natural product that is very rot and bug resistant and holds paints better then pine.
All of the poplar bevel siding sold by Reeves & White, Inc. is sourced locally in surrounding areas of Eastern Kentucky.  We only use boards that are graded #1 or better to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Our product is also  considered historically correct for restorations needing that authentic touch. 

Product: 1/2 X 6 Poplar Bevel Siding
Applications: Exterior/Interior Finishing
Installation prep:  We recommend that both sides of the product are primed with an oil based primer prior to installation.
Lengths: 6-16 foot random length.
Price per lin. ft. : $1.02
Call for availability.