Reeves and White, Inc.
Family owned and operated since 1983
Phone: (606)-683-3000  
Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm E.S.T


About Us:
Reeves and White, Inc was founded in 1983 by local businessmen Jim Reeves and Jim White. Jim White and son Bryan White subsequently bought out Jim Reeves in 1985. Reeves and White still to this day sells high quality poplar lumber products for both residential and commerical use. Throughout the years Reeves and White has garnered business relationships with other companies looking to sell their in demand poplar products. Despite a devastating fire in Feburary 2012 that destroyed  90% of product and equipment, Reeves and White still maintained a fighting spirit which has allowed the company to regain momentume to move into the future. Longtime loyal customers were eager to welcome the business back to operation in January 2014.

  1. S4S
  2. Yates A20-12 Planer
  3. Poplar Bevel Siding
  4. Baker Band Saw